Archived Webinar

By Ward Hagar, MD Director, Adult Sickle Cell Center Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland Oakland, California
Module Description: Sickle cell patients have severe and recurrent pains as their major quality of life issue. The pains form unique pain syndromes that differ from other acute and chronic pain syndromes. Many providers, although recognizing the devastation of these pains, are understandably concerned about using opioids (often in high dosages.) Providers want to  assure that they are helping the patients in both the short and long terms with their pains, pain plans, and pain control. This module “Opioid Prescribing for Adults with Sickle Cell Disease” will give providers solid foundations  in the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will allow health professionals to treat most patients with sickle cell pains, and how to identify and to approach the small percentage of more challenging pain patients.