Kevin A. Sevarino, MD, PhD: Role-Medical Director, Qualifications: Dr. Sevarino has extensive experience in the treatment of those with substance use disorders, including extensive consult-liaison experience advising inpatient providers on substance use issues in the medically ill, including issues of opioid prescribing and chronic pain. He is ABPN subspecialty certified in Psychosomatic Medicine.  Dr. Sevarino trained in psychiatry in the dual clinical/basic research tract at Yale University School of Medicine Dept. of Psychiatry. For six years thereafter, he was PI on NIH grants examining neurobiological mechanisms underlying cocaine dependence, and since then has transitioned to being a clinician-educator who remains active in clinical research on medications development for cocaine use disorders. He is Medical Director for Newington Mental Health Care Firm of the Connecticut Veterans Administration Health Care System. Dr. Sevarino sits on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for AAAP. He is also Course Director for AAAP Board Review Course in Addictions, now called the Addictions and Their Treatment Course, since 2007. Dr. Sevarino will work closely with PCSS-O collaborating organizations to bring evidence-based educational tools and colleague support to providers of opioids.  

Barry Dickinson, PhD: Role-Project Director, Qualifications:  Dr. Dickinson is currently Director of the Division on Science and Biotechnology, and also serves as Secretary of the Council on Science and Public Health at the American Medical Association (AMA) in Chicago.  He has authored numerous articles and AMA reports addressing the use of opioids in chronic pain, pain policies, pain management, neuropathic pain, substance use disorders, drug safety, and risk mitigation strategies for prescription drugs.  He is a member of the AMA™s Continuing Physician Professional Development program committee and has worked on medical education projects with AMA for many years.  He also is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Coalition for Patient Information and Education and represents the AMA on the National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention.  He is the lead AMA staff person on the FDA™s Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategies (REMS) initiative and other opioid-related policy activities.  Additionally, he has an adjunct faculty appointment in pharmacology at the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in North Chicago, IL and previously served as staff author and Scientific Editor for AMA's Drug Evaluations compendium.  For the current project, he oversees AMA project to update and expand the Opioids, Pain, and Addiction course and take a leadership role in webinar topics to be presented by AMA.

Deborah Finnell, DNS, PMHNP-BC: Role-Project Director, Qualifications: Dr. Finnell is the current President of the International Nurses Society on Addictions and on the faculty of University of Buffalo (UB) School of Nursing and VA Western New York Healthcare System.  She is an academician, researcher, and clinician with extensive experience in the continuum of alcohol and other drug use, abuse, and addictions as they relate to nursing.  She helps disseminate essential knowledge from this project to nurses and other health care professionals, particularly knowledge that advances excellence in care for individuals, families, and groups impacted by the potential adverse effects related to unsafe opioid prescribing and addictions.  In her key roles, she oversees in its entirety the program of webinar offerings to nurses and nurse prescribers and helps develop educational modules that address issues of importance to nurses related to safe and effective prescription and administration of opioids.

John Renner MD: Role-Clinical Director, Qualifications:  Dr. Renner is Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine and Chair of the American Psychiatric Association™ Council on Addiction Psychiatry.  He has extensive experience with methadone and buprenorphine treatment.  Dr. Renner is actively engaged in curriculum development and program evaluation for the Prescribers™ Clinical Support System-Opioid Therapies (PCSS-O).  Additionally, he serves as the Clinical Director for the American Psychiatric Association™ component of the Physicians™ Clinical Support System-Buprenorphine (PCSS-B).

Ann Schreier, PhD, MSN: Role-Project Director, Qualifications: Dr. Schreier is the Immediate Past President of the American Society for Pain Management Nursing and on the faculty at East Carolina University School of Nursing.  Dr. Schreier is responsible for developing and implementing the webinar program to be presented by ASPMN in coordination with Dr. Finnell at IntNSA.  She is key to development and distribution of PCSS-O educational trainings and tools for nurses.

James L. Willey, DDS, MBA: Role-Project Director, Qualifications: Dr. Willey is the Director of American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Dental Practice.  Before coming to ADA, Dr. Willey practiced general dentistry in Elburn, Illinois for 26 years.  He leads ADA program in development of a webinar program to include timely and important topics related to safe opioid prescribing in dentistry.  He also takes the lead on developing the peer-support activities for this project for dentists.

Stephen Wyatt DO: AOAAM Project Director; Dr. Wyatt has worked extensively with patients with co-occurring disorders utilizing opioid therapies. He is presently employed as Medical Director of the Dual Diagnosis Program at Middlesex Hospital in Connecticut.  He has an active substance abuse treatment practice for the opiate dependent and the chronic pain and addiction patient.  He oversees implementation of this project through AOAAM including development of a webinar series and oversees the Dissemination Committee. Dr. Wyatt assists with ongoing curriculum and program evaluation and helps to oversee the web-based and written communications to be disseminated by PCSS-O.