Steering Committee Members

Role/Function: Steering Committee members are active participants in this project. They provide guidance on how to most effectively reach out to prescribers (their constituents) with educational content and how to generate interest in participation in these educational activities.  The Steering Committee reviews and helps to evaluate Satisfaction/Quality Assurance data collected yearly and offers guidance on improvements to the project to better meet the needs of prescribers. Some Steering Committee members also take on educational roles in this project providing training to prescribers on special topics relevant to PCSS-O. 

Project Steering Committee: The Steering Committee is composed of stakeholders representing national organizations with constituencies having large numbers of opioid prescribers treating chronic pain or opioid dependence in the U.S. A listing of Steering Committee member organizations (to date) follows (see below).  

PCSS-O Steering Committee Members
American Academy of Neurology
Charles Argoff, MD/Joel R. Saper, MD
American Academy of Pediatrics
Sharon Levy, MD, MPH
Kenneth B. Stoller, MD
American Chronic Pain Association
Penney Cowan, Founder and Executive Director
American Dental Association
James Willey, DDS, MBA
American Medical Association
Barry D. Dickinson, PhD
American Pain Society
Seddon R. Savage, MD
American Pharmacists Association
Keith D. Marciniak, Pharmacist
American Psychiatric Association
John A. Renner, Jr., MD
American Society of Addiction Medicine
Edwin A. Salsitz, MD, FASAM
Cynthia Kear,  CCMEP
Anthony C. Campbell, DO,  RPh
WH Isaacson, MD
Stephen Gumbley, MA, ACDP II
International Nurses Society on Addictions
Al Rundio, 
Latino Med Policy Institutes
Robert A. Beltran, MD, MBA
Brett S. Stetka, MD
Cynthia Moreno Touhy, NCACII, CCDCIII, SAP
National Hispanic Science Network
C. Hendricks Brown, PhD
Society of General Internal Medicine
Co-Chairs: Alexander Walley, MD, MSc, Daniel J.
Paul Seale, MD
Veterans Health Administration
Daniel R. Kivlahan, PhD
Jeffrey N. Baldwin, Pharm.D, RPh, FASHP
Roger Chou, MD
Anthony Dekker, DO
Nathaniel Katz, MD, MS
Theresa E. Madden, DDS 
Jason M. Satterfield, PhD